Alvin Q Taylor for PA 15th Senate


A Leader Who Works to Address the Concerns of All People!

Alvin's Story

Alvin Q. Taylor, Sr. was born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina; the third of three children of the late Harry A. and Errie M. Taylor. A third generation of tobacco farmers, his parents moved to Harrisburg, PA in 1955, for work and educational opportunities for their young family.

Since 1955, Alvin has been a resident of Dauphin County, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He graduated from Central Dauphin High School, in 1971, in carpentry; he attended the merger as the first class of students of the Dauphin County Vocational-Technical School. He has worked with his hands building homes and bridges, during the Agnes Flood.

Alvin’s 15th District Senate priorities are Education, Earnings, and the Elderly