Alvin Q Taylor for PA 15th Senate


Educational Background


Alvin learned the value of education early in life, while dealing with his reading difficulties, in elementary school. He attended the Harrisburg Schools (1960-62), and the Central Dauphin Schools (1963-1971). He is the first college graduate in his immediate family. Alvin graduated with academic honors from the following schools: Virginia Seminary and College in Lynchburg, VA. (1977); Virginia Union University [VUU], Richmond, VA. (1980); and the Samuel Dewitt Proctor School of Theology Virginia Union [STVU], Richmond, VA. (1983).

He was the elected Student Government Association President, while at Virginia Union University, in 1979-80; an HBCUschool. Alvin married his college sweetheart, Mary, a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University (CatScan).

Alvin believes in quality public education Pre-K through high school. Then, we need a new vision and plan for students going to college. Higher Education is not an affordable option for many, and college debt/ loan repayment should be restructured.

As parents of adult children, we have instilled in them the ‘life’s lessons’ gained, through education. He is an author, publishing his book, The Pen Is My Paintbrush; The Paper Is My Canvas. He has lectured on Spirituality in Recovery for 20 years at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.